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Top 10 infrastructure projects in Brisbane, Australia

Updated: May 2

Brisbane city scape 2023

What are the top 10 infrastructure projects in Brisbane...?

Brisbane, the capital city in the state of Queensland, Australia, is currently undergoing something of a renaissance with a number of significant infrastructure projects underway or planned. In some ways it feels like Brisbane is 'coming of age' and slowly catching up with Australia's premier cities - Sydney and Melbourne (population 5.3 and 5 million respectively). With a population of around 2.7 million, Brisbane clearly has a way to go to catch up with Australia two largest cities but it is hard to not be impressed by the level of growth in recent years.

Brisbane has a lot going for it right now. Besides the high levels of inwards migration (an extra 1.5 million people are expected to move to Brisbane over the next 20 years), Brisbane is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in infrastructure development. There is an estimated $25 billion + infrastructure pipeline enabling a Brisbane economy worth around $239 billion by 2041.

Anticipation of the upcoming 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane has undoubtedly been a driver for many projects, catalysing a wave of transformative projects that will reshape the city and enhance its liveability. Brisbane is redefining its urban landscape through a series of projects aimed at fostering sustainable growth and creating a lasting legacy.

Brisbane ferris wheel

The following is a snapshot of ten significant projects in Brisbane recently completed or slated for completion in the coming years.

1. Brisbane Metro: The Brisbane Metro project is set to revolutionize the city's public transportation system, introducing a high-frequency, electric bus network connecting key hubs. The metro will alleviate congestion, enhance accessibility, and contribute to a more sustainable urban environment. Cost: Approximately $944 million AUD.

2. Queens Wharf Redevelopment: Aiming to transform Brisbane's riverfront, the Queens Wharf Redevelopment is a multifaceted project encompassing entertainment complexes, hotels, and a casino. The project is set to become a major tourist attraction and a focal point for cultural activities. Cost: $3.6 billion AUD with estimated completion: Phased openings began in 2022, with full completion anticipated by 2024.

3. Cross River Rail: The Cross River Rail is a transformative rail project addressing the growing demand for public transport connectivity. The initiative involves a new rail line spanning the Brisbane River, connecting key suburban areas and fostering economic growth. Cost: Approximately $5.4 billion AUD and estimated to be operational by 2025.

4. Brisbane Live: As a part of the entertainment precinct, Brisbane Live will be a world-class arena hosting major events, concerts, and performances. This structure aims to elevate Brisbane's global standing in the entertainment industry. Cost: estimated at $2 billion AUD. Construction set to begin in 2023.

5. Howard Smith Wharves Revitalization: Focused on rejuvenating the historic Howard Smith Wharves precinct, this project includes a luxury hotel, restaurants, and event spaces. The development integrates the area's history with modern amenities, creating a unique cultural and recreational hub. Cost: Around $200 million AUD. Some project stages are already completed with ongoing additions expected through 2023.

6. Brisbane International Cruise Terminal: Addressing the growing cruise industry, this terminal is designed to accommodate large cruise ships, supporting tourism and economic growth. The project aims to position Brisbane as a premier cruise destination in the Asia-Pacific region. Cost: Approximately $158 million AUD. Completed in 2020.

7. Northshore Hamilton: A comprehensive urban renewal project, Northshore Hamilton involves the development of a mixed-use precinct featuring residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. The initiative focuses on creating a sustainable and integrated community. Cost: Over $5 billion AUD. It has phased development with ongoing stages expected until 2030.

8. Brisbane Airport Parallel Runway: Enhancing Brisbane's aviation capacity, the Parallel Runway project involves the construction of a second runway at Brisbane Airport. This expansion aims to accommodate the growing demand for air travel and bolster the city's connectivity. Cost: Approximately $1.1 billion AUD. Operational in 2020.

9. Metro Arts Redevelopment: Transforming the historic Brisbane building into a contemporary arts hub, the Metro Arts Redevelopment supports the city's cultural scene. The project includes performance spaces, galleries, and studios, fostering creativity and innovation. Cost: Around $19 million AUD.

10. Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games Infrastructure: In preparation for the 2032 Olympic Games, Brisbane is investing in various sports facilities, accommodation, and transport infrastructure. The Games are expected to leave a lasting legacy, promoting sport, tourism, and community development. Investment: Estimated at several billion AUD Timeline: Ongoing, with completion aligned with the 2032 Olympic Games.

Brisbane city infrastructure

Other noteworthy projects in Brisbane

Victoria Park

The transformation of Victoria Park golf course in Brisbane's inner North into a 45-hectare public parkland. This will involve restoring Victoria Park’ original waterways into an urban park and a natural habitat for wildlife.

Woolloongabba Station Precinct

The Woolloongabba Station Precinct is a project connected to the broader Cross River Rail project which involves the refurbishment of the Gabba stadium, new linkages and walkways to a mixed-use precinct which surrounds the new station.

River Reach Masterplan

The River Reach Masterplan is a 1.2-kilometre waterfront promenade upgrade along the eastern CBD’s waterfront. Led by the Brisbane City Council, the draft plan promotes green space and trees, public art, new lighting, and increasing the width of the promenade. The plan also provides space for a public riverside lap pool, relocation of the current city cat terminal and integration with the proposed Kangaroo Point green bridge.

New Performing Arts Venue (NPAV)

The Queensland State Government-funded NPAV is a new $150 million, 1,500 seat theatre facility which is being built as part of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). When completed, the QPAC will become the largest performing arts centre in Australia and is expected to deliver capacity for an extra 260 performances annually.


Brisbane's burgeoning infrastructure landscape reflects the city's commitment to sustainable growth and global competitiveness. These transformative projects not only address current challenges but also position Brisbane as a vibrant and dynamic metropolis. Brisbane offers diverse opportunities for residents, businesses, and tourists alike, creating a city that is both economically thriving and culturally enriching.



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